Stella Nicholson
Stella Nicholson

"If Working in the Substance Use Field Is Supposed to Be a Bowl of Cherries, Then Why Do I Feel Like I’m in the Pits?"

There are times in the life of counselors that their personal and professional lives collide. Everyone needs a safe haven to be productive and healthy. This workshop will provide an overview of Chronic Stress and the impact it has on counselors. Included in the workshop are experiential exercises for counselors to practice. Hopefully when participants leave this workshop, they will feel rejuvenated and armed with skills to make their personal and professional lives manageable.


Participants interested in attending this workshop must select it on the registration form and pay the evening workshop registration fee. If participants choose to attend the entire day or other days in addition to this workshop, all registration fees apply.


Stella M. Nicholson, MA, LCPC, CAADC, MAC is a private practitioner and the owner of Stella M. Nicholson & Associates, Lombard, Illinois where she counsels adult children of alcoholics/codependents, alcoholics/addicts, individuals with mental health issues, couples, and families. She has worked in the addiction and mental health field since 1978.  In addition to her private practice, Ms. Nicholson has served as a consultant/trainer to numerous treatment facilities, mental health organizations, hospitals, schools, and institutions regarding program development and implementation, in-service training and staff development, clinical supervision, and aftercare. She formally was the aftercare Program Director and marketing representative for three Cottonwood facilities in Tucson, Texas and New Mexico. Ms. Nicholson is the past president of the Board of Directors for the Illinois Certification Board, representing members from region II.  Ms. Nicholson has served on the faculty of numerous universities and colleges such as Northeastern, Loop, Concordia, and Triton and currently is a professional lecturer/adjunct instructor at National Louis University. She has lectured and taught at both the local and national levels on a variety of subjects with regards to addictions and mental health issues. She is also the author of two workbooks entitled “Journey to Recovery” and “Addictions, Relationships and the Twelve Step Connection.”