Dona Howell
Dona Howell

“Holistic Treatment Techniques for Criminal Justice Clients"

Participants will discover how a holistic approach to substance abuse treatment may be the best strategy to employ with criminal justice clients. The workshop will explore the different components of the approach, focusing on the four quadrants of wellness; physical, mental, spiritual and social, with special attention given to stress management.


Dona Howell, MS, CRADC, MISA II has a Master’s Degree in Administration of Justice and Addictions. She has over forty hours post-graduate work in Community Health Education with a specialty area in Substance Abuse Treatment for Criminal Justice Offenders. Certified at both the state and national level as a substance abuse counselor, Ms. Howell has held positions on the Illinois Certification Board and worked in the fields of substance abuse counseling, criminal justice, training, consulting, and teaching for the past forty years. In addition, Ms. Howell has served as a consultant and trainer to multiple state and national agencies around staff development and training, substance abuse program implementation, and systems development. She was the Illinois Department of Corrections Program Manager for Substance Abuse Treatment Services and implemented the national model programs at both Sheridan and Southwestern Illinois Correctional Centers, trained corrections staff to become certified substance abuse counselors, and developed a continuum of care for offenders with substance use disorders from entry to exit from the criminal justice system. She has worked in therapeutic community treatment programs for adolescents and criminal justice clients in the prison system as well as in the community. Ms. Howell is currently teaching at Lakeland Community College.

Jim Stiers, CADC retired from the Illinois Department of Corrections in February of 2017, after serving as a Parole Agent for seventeen years. During that time, he acted as the Parole Liaison to TASC and served as a Task Force Agent on the “Peoria Don’t-Shoot” anti-gun violence initiative. Prior to corrections, Mr. Stiers worked as a Field Engineer in the Health Sciences Division of Eastman Kodak. He also served from 1976 to 1980 in the United States Marine Corps.