Workshop 16: NANCY J. PHILLIPS

Nancy Phillips
Nancy Phillips

“Moving Forward: Working with Families of Emerging Adults”

As the substance use field addresses the unique needs of 18-25 year olds, the persons identified as “family” often change from parents or guardians to significant others and/or children. The therapist’s use of the spoken word and body language may well mean the difference between a successful journey for the client and their family or create an adverse impact on the process. Participants will explore the value of using strength-based approaches to motivate families and discuss and practice how they may incorporate the new skills into their interaction with families.


Nancy J. Phillips, MSEd, ICAADC, CFPP has been active in the substance abuse field for over thirty years. She has worked in both prevention and treatment services. Currently she serves as the Illinois Family Resource Center Coordinator and Central East Alcoholism and Drug Council. Ms. Phillips holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology from Eastern Illinois University. She has served in various prevention and treatment roles including supervision of outpatient services. Ms. Phillips has developed and trained a variety of parenting and treatment curriculum following best practices criteria.                                                    Nancy's contact information:  phone number (217) 258-6018