Workshop 4: JAMELIA R. HAND, and JILL KLEE

Jamelia R. Hand
Jamelia R. Hand

“What’s Your Why? A Live Case Study in the Treatment of Opioid  Addiction”

Clinicians rarely get the opportunity to gain insight and feedback on best practices in real time. This workshop is a live case study that starts with a recovering client interview and ends with a group exercise and collaborative discussion on best practices. As a result, participants are able to remember why they came into the treatment business in the first place, cross pollinate with colleagues, identify what they can do more or, do differently to increase quality care.


Jamelia R. Hand, MHS, CADC, MISA I is the owner and principal consultant of Vantage Clinical Consulting LLC where she provides strategic direction and training to healthcare organizations on Opioid Addiction topics.

She is a professor, author, and treatment advocate for Addiction and Recovery issues. She serves as an Advisory Board Member for Governors State University’s Addictions Studies Program, Board Member of ICB, Board Member of NAADAC and she’s the President of the Governor’s State University Addiction Studies Alumni Club. She speaks passionately to many family groups, treatment centers and corporate organizations. Her message always includes that Substance Use Disorder is a family disease and should be treated as such. Ms. Hand’s advocacy recently received the attention of the Illinois House of Representatives and she was awarded for her advocacy in Opioid Overdose. For almost twenty years, she has taken great pride in being knowledgeable about resources to support recovery and has enjoyed being able to translate that excitement to anyone who will listen, especially students who are interested in working in the field of addictions or treatment providers who are experiencing burnout.

Jill Klee is a wife and mother of two beautiful daughters. She is also a recovering Heroin addict and amputee who is in long term recovery. She grew up in a very loving and structured home and attended 2 years of college.  Her newfound freedom allows her to see how life can once again be wonderful and fulfilling.  At this time, she is a recovery advocate and she is sought after as a speaker for recovering organizations. She speaks to those in recovery while also educating them and providing hope to those who are still suffering.


Jamelia Hand MHS CADC MISAI CEO  Vantage Clinical Consulting LLC.
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